I’ve moved! (On the web that is!)

On the move never felt so good!

There is nothing easy about moving, whether physically from your home, or on the web.  The latter is exactly what I’ve been doing lately.  A great friend of mine is helping me sharpen my focus on internet presence.  (It’s amazing what I didn’t know I didn’t know!).

The main change is that my art and music are now on totally different websites, FB pages, Twitter, and social media in general.  This helps me focus to specific clients and prospects.  
They will (respectively) focus on each product, while this site is now free to flow wherever I want it to go!  

So, if you want to share in the journey with me, you never know exactly what I’ll be talking about.  But, I can guarantee you it will be “all Doug- all the way”!  (I feel some of you shuddering in fright right now!  lol).  

Go to www.pianistdj.com for my music.  Go to www.dougart.com to check out my art! 
Welcome aboard!  Let’s have fun!-  Doug

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